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Get to know: Emily Stovall

staff_stovallWith so many responsibilities behind the scenes, Emily keeps the business of school running smoothly. As Director of Finance and Operations, she oversees budgeting, accounting, reporting, facilities, human resources and benefits, payroll, crisis management, and the lunch program. Emily, since coming to work at SJEDS in April 2015, has focused on documenting policies and procedures, putting in place more controls with transparent reporting as her utmost priority. Known for her calm, responsible nature and “take-charge” attitude, Emily is a natural problem-solver and an asset to the school’s leadership team.

Emily graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor of science in business administration-finance, and worked in corporate finance for a number of years before attending an intensive leadership workshop that made her realize she wanted to do something with her career that was more impactful, with more meaning and purpose. This remained in the back of her mind for about a year until she eventually learned that there was an opening in administration for the Director of Finance and Operations position at SJEDS. At the time, Emily, already very involved with SJEDS, was serving on the Board of Trustees and on the Finance Committee. “The timing was perfect,” she said. “Everything just fell into place. We love the school, and it was a perfect fit for our family.” Emily and her husband Eli have two children, Elizabeth, currently in fourth grade, and Evan, a Pre-K4 student. They have been part of the SJEDS family since Elizabeth started Pre-K3.

emily-5kShe was diagnosed six years ago with late onset Type I diabetes, which requires her to wear an insulin pump. But Emily sees this in a positive light. “It requires you to focus on things you wouldn’t normally pay attention to,” she explained. “It helps keep your health in check.” As a result, diabetes has impacted her family in a healthy way and laid the groundwork for healthy living for her children. This translates to her job as well, as she leads the school’s wellness program and has incorporated fun activities such as running events, wellness Bingo, and lunch-time walks around campus.

Emily grew up in Melbourne, Florida, and as a long-time dancer, she had a childhood dream of being a ballerina. She loves running and yoga and spending time with her family on quick getaways to rest and relax.