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SJEDS Stories

  • The Goreschaks

    The Goreschaks

    We feel a great deal of gratitude to SJEDS for helping mold our boys into who they are today.

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  • The Skarupa Family

    The Skarupa Family

    SJEDS offers a nurturing, loving environment that – to us – was unmatched anywhere else.

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  • The Spigels

    The Spigels

    We truly believe the atmosphere at SJEDS helped Isabell develop characteristics that make her a very special person.

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  • The Shalley Family

    The Shalley Family

    I love the peace and comfort I feel knowing that my children are being cared for and loved.

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  • The Salameh Family

    The Salameh Family

    The outstanding faculty and staff are truly the heart and soul of the school!

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  • The D’Arienzos

    The D’Arienzos

    The individual love and support that each teacher gives to each child has been a true gift to our children.

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  • The Cobbin Family

    The Cobbin Family

    The relationships built with parents and staff are priceless.

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  • The Connell Family

    The Connell Family

    The faculty, staff, and students are a true family.

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  • The Veniard Family

    The Veniard Family

    SJEDS put to rest all the cares and concerns any parent would have starting a new school.

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  • The Thompsons

    The Thompsons

    We have been amazed by the giant strides our children have made educationally at SJEDS.

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  • Allison Weaver

    Allison Weaver

    Aside from their parents, I am my students’ biggest fan!

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  • Paige Yauger

    Paige Yauger

    I still have the “warm fuzzies” every time I drive by the campus of SJEDS…

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  • Judy Bryan

    Judy Bryan

    It is so wonderful to look into those precious kids’ faces as they take communion.

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  • Emily Stovall

    Emily Stovall

    SJEDS has such a welcome and inviting environment.

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  • Christine Conner

    Christine Conner

    I love the support you get from the teachers and parents. It’s truly like a family.

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  • Katie Bennett

    Katie Bennett

    I love the close relationships; the love and respect for each other is genuine.

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  • EJ Porter

    EJ Porter

    The teachers and staff were friendly–like family–and I made lifelong friends.

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  • Sarah Stanley

    Sarah Stanley

    We help the children understand how to have relationships with each other as well as God.

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  • Shannon Nunley

    Shannon Nunley

    My children are cared for, loved, and taught everything they need to be well-rounded.

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  • Rebecca Turner

    Rebecca Turner

    I honestly feel blessed to have my girls experience all that SJEDS has to offer.

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  • Barker Family

    Barker Family

    From the minute we walked through the doors of SJEDS we knew we found the school for our children.

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  • Caplan Family

    Caplan Family

    It was so important to us that our children attend a Christ-centered school

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  • Jones Family

    Jones Family

    Family Spotlight Interview Form: Why did you choose SJEDS? As Ethan was entering his kindergarten year, we knew that we wanted to find a setting that encompassed education of the whole child; including faith, character, the arts, & athletics, while keeping a strong focus on academics and preparation for life-long learning. We wanted a smaller […]

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  • Luker Family

    Luker Family

    The reputation of the school has always been stellar!

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  • Keita Family

    Keita Family

    We chose SJEDS for Zayden before we knew it was “Bold City’s Best”

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