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What do you love about SJEDS?

I don’t have to worry about my children throughout the day. I know they are receiving extraordinary care from the time I kiss them good day, until the time they beg me to run across the monkey bars, just one more time, during extended day. Teachers and staff have children who attend there and that means a lot. I also love the many opportunities to be involved, the curriculum, the uniforms, the extracurricular programs and the friendships that have formed. I love the legacy at SJEDS. Traditions are important in maintaining instructional capacity and the caliber of students and families who support what the school is doing. At the same time, SJEDS remains at the front of the line when it comes to technology and innovative ways to make things happen. Our children have benefitted tremendously from the exploratory opportunities and the freedom of choice in their day to day activities.

Why did you choose SJEDS?

We wanted our children to know God and were struggling with ensuring they received regular bible lessons. It was close to home and offered a curriculum that we thought our children would work well with. We also have several high school friends and colleagues whose children attend. They spoke so highly of the school, so we inquired further and decided this was it! It’s been like a high school reunion and every has been so inviting and informative since day one. Every interaction has been positive and new families are acknowledged and given special attention as we get acclimated.

How have your children grown as a result of their experience at SJEDS?

Our children have become more conscientious little people who are aware of their surroundings and how they socialize in this big world. They are ever more eager to learn and are very independent thinkers and doers which is helpful for me! They always have a story to tell and have inquisitive minds…they always want to know how and why.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to choose SJEDS for their child?

If you’re looking for a safe, learning environment where your child will be nurtured and challenged in various ways, then SJEDS is the place to be! The teachers, staff and fellow parents work collaboratively together to ensure our children have the most fulfilling experiences. Caring souls permeate the school and you never feel like you’re doing too much or too little.¬†¬†Keeping God first, our children are taught to love their neighbors and do for one another. They practice social skills that will help them for life. Parents and families are always welcome to witness what goes on in the classroom. In addition, all communication from the school is ever so timely and clear. The relationships built through working on different event committees with parents and staff is priceless. SJEDS truly educates the entire child, meets individual needs and has a plan for everything in between.

– Kevin and Brooke Cobbin


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