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Foundations In Faith

FaithSpiritual development at San Jose Episcopal is like a mosaic that—tile by tile, when cemented together—creates a foundation that leads to living a fulfilling life of faith. In other Christian schools, religious education might be a single religion class. At San Jose Episcopal, our approach is  multifaceted.

Our children enter into the stories of the Bible through drama in Kingdom Theatre. What better way to learn to navigate the waters and inevitable floods of life than to have played Noah and shared with your peers what it feels like when the waters rise?

Keys to the Kingdom is our character development program. Students learn to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and are recognized as they grow into the people that God has called them each to be.

We focus on “Developing Our Own Relationships” through Open D.O.O.R., our social curriculum. Children learn how to use the Keys to the Kingdom to open doors in relationships, and how to be kind and patient with ourselves and one another.

Our service learning and outreach programs remind us that we have responsibilities to the world around us—most especially to the needy and forgotten. Our students experience what it is to share sustaining faith and love and learn not to take those blessings for granted.

The base of our foundation is worship. Led by Father Steph Britt, our weekly chapel services engage the mind and touch the senses through interaction and conversation. With sight, sound and Holy Sacrament, the stories of scripture come to life.

Spiritual development is interwoven into our daily curriculum. From music to math, from social studies to Spanish, connections are made. All of these programs combined help prepare our students for joy and service in God’s wonderful world. We are not just building resumes, but rather building lives—successful lives bonded in the love and goodness of Christ.