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Katie Bennett

staff_bennettKingdom Theatre and Drama Teacher


What do you love about SJEDS?
I love the close relationship feel we have with each other and yet the professionalism is dominant and the children are always put at the forefront. The love and respect for each other is genuine.


How long have you been teaching at SJEDS and what motivated you to become a teacher here?
I have been teaching at SJEDS for over 10 years. Right after 911 I looked very closely at my career then in hospitality management. My son was in 4th grade at Sjeds and I was ready to realize my real love of theatre arts and teaching ! I had graduated from Redroofs theatre school majoring in musical theatre with the intention of a career in acting. This was a perfect fit as until then Sjeds didn’t have a drama program. I was thrilled to put on our first drama club performance “Wizard of Oz” in spring of 2002. It was a success and I was teaching drama in the classroom the following school year and we have had two Drama club performances each year since.


What is your favorite tradition at SJEDS?
I love to see the whole school gathering for flag in the mornings. I noticed this driving by even before my son attended here and thought then how lovely and patriotic this was. Not many schools make a special time for these important cultural events. I am so glad this is still important to us and our culture here at Sjeds. I knew these were the kinds of things I wanted my son to experience.


What is a unique experience, talent or interest that you bring to your classroom to help shape the learning experience of your students?
My love of God and love of drama is what I bring to share with the children each day. Through this I see the children discover their own love of learning and building their own relationship with God. I am teaching them to be good story tellers and through their stories they are making meanings for themselves of these great dramas.


How do you nurture and challenge your students through mind, body and spirit?
It is important that the disciplines of learning are connected to real life. I set high standards of learning achievements for each child and we are often providing feedback to each other to qualify these standards and making meaning for these disciplines. Classroom presentations and performance is a norm in kingdom theatre. We are thinking , praying and playing at many different levels. When it comes to thinking theologically we are all very comfortable with this!


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