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Lunch Program

publix_logoPublix Supermarkets is our new lunch program provider. We are excited about the quality and consistency that Publix will provide, and are confident that we have found a partner that shares our same values of quality and nutrition for our students.

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Order online via Smart Tuition or complete an order form in the school office.


Special note regarding field trips:
 If your student has ordered lunch on a day that his/her class is going on a field trip, the lunch will be delivered to his/her classroom that morning.


Monthly orders are due:

Aug. 3 – for August
Aug. 10 – for September
Sep. 10 – for October
Oct. 10 – for November
Nov. 10 – for December
Dec. 10 – for January
Jan. 10  – for February
Feb. 10 – for March
Mar. 10  – for April
Apr. 13 – for May