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1. Set up your account with A Great Lunch:

View the webinar for instructions on how to create your account with A Great Lunch.

2. Place a lunch order for your student:

  • View the webinar for instructions on how to place your student’s lunch order.
  • Select “This is a Delivery-San Jose Episcopal Day School order” when prompted.
  • Daily lunch menu is on the home page. 
  • You will be prompted to enter the school’s physical address (7423 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32217) the first time that you place an order for your child. This information will be stored after the first order has been completed.
  • Please choose delivery by 10:45 a.m.

3. Contact A Great Lunch at 904-900-7672 if you need assistance creating your account or placing orders. The School Office cannot place, modify or cancel orders or receive payments.

Please note:

  • Orders must be placed by 4 p.m. the day prior to the delivery date.  There are no exceptions.
  • School Holidays – Please reference the school calendar prior to placing all lunch orders as the system does not have a way to block orders for days that school is not in session.
  • Field Trips – Lunch delivery will not be available on days your child is attending a field trip for which a brown bag lunch is required.  
  • Food Allergies – Please note that all food is prepared on shared equipment.  We cannot be absolutely certain that all food products are free of potential allergens, notably, peanut-related products, as meals are processed on shared equipment. If a student has a severe allergy, we strongly advise you to consider bringing lunch from home.
  • Forgotten Lunches  SJEDS will provide a limited selection of nutritional items in instances where a student does not have a lunch, for a charge of $6.50. Due to the fact that all lunches are ordered ahead of time, extra lunches wil not be available for purchase.
  • Absences  Unfortunately, refunds cannot be issued for pre-ordered lunches. However, you are welcome to pick up your child’s lunch that day, or if it’s a cold lunch (salad or sandwich) we will hold it for your child until the next day.
  • Breakfast – A Great Lunch offers breakfast to other schools, but it is not available at SJEDS. Please do not order breakfast.