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Mrs. Menger’s Musings

Think Tank

Think Tank, an SJEDS signature program, was initiated to provide enrichment for every student. The program is based on the work of Dr. Joseph Renzulli, a leading expert in gifted education and his assertion that all students benefit from project-based, student-led learning. Think Tank provides the opportunity for exposure to topics outside the regular curriculum and a time to passionately pursue an interest. I wish my own children had been able to benefit from Think Tank when they were students at SJEDS.

We teach our children that part of learning is to reflect and look for ways to make improvements. As teachers we must model this, and we did just that this past summer. In reflecting on Think Tank, we celebrated the many successes of this program including having offered almost 60 different pods. We looked critically at how we can improve Think Tank and make the experience even better for students.

Based on feedback from our teachers, we learned that more time for planning and collaboration to ensure a deeper dive into each topic was needed. With that knowledge, we made the decision to provide this time by offering Think Tank only in the spring this year. During the fall, we will spend time on collaboration and developing the planning process to ensure the future success of the program. As always, our commitment to our families is to constantly improve and provide the best experience for our students and families.


Lori Menger