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Rebecca Turner

IMG_3133Alum, Kindergarten Teacher and Parent


What motivated you to become a teacher at SJEDS?

I graduated from SJEDS in 1987 and have been teaching Kindergarten here since  2003. I was drawn to teaching young children because being a part of laying the academic and emotional foundation is incredibly rewarding! Seeing those “lightbulb” moments and watching their amazing imaginations at work is wonderful. The amount of growth that takes place during their year in Kindergarten is remarkable! Each child that crosses my path with forever hold a special place in my heart. I love when former students come by to say hello and give out hugs! I feel blessed to have this opportunity to work in such a loving and nurturing environment. I have even had the privileged of teaching former classmates children! Talk about full circle!

What do you love about SJEDS?

I love the family feel that our school has. Watching my girls (Avery and Anna) thrive academically, emotionally and spiritually is so gratifying as a parent. As as graduate of SJEDS, this place obviously holds a very special place in my heart. I have made hundreds of wonderful memories at San Jose and now to watch Avery and Anna make their own SJEDS memories is at times surreal! We have such an amazing faculty. Students are challenged academically, but they are also nurtured spiritually. I feel this is a unique balance and one that I greatly value. I honestly feel blessed to have my girls experience all that SJEDS has to offer.

What is your favorite SJEDS tradition?

San Jose has so many amazing traditions. When I have the opportunity to attend chapel I am taken right back to being a student and sitting in those pews! Hearing the children’s sweet voices sing the beautiful songs and participating in “chapel chats” with Father Britt is such a special time. Flag raising is another SJEDS tradition that I love to take part in. Having those moments to see all the classes together saying the Pledge of Allegiance and our chapel prayer is a perfect way to start the day! Our sixth grade graduation is by far one of the best traditions at San Jose. Seeing the sixth graders about to spread their wings but at the same time so reflective of the impact that SJEDS has had on them is so touching.

San Jose gave me a solid foundation and I am so thankful that now I am able to pass that foundation down to my students and my daughters.