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Jones Family

Family Spotlight Interview Form:

Why did you choose SJEDS?

As Ethan was entering his kindergarten year, we knew that we wanted to find a setting that encompassed education of the whole child; including faith, character, the arts, & athletics, while keeping a strong focus on academics and preparation for life-long learning. We wanted a smaller classroom setting where Ethan’s interests and learning style would seen as strengths to grow upon. As soon as we walked into the doors of SJEDS, we were greeted with warmth and knowledge, & that has been a staple of our experience here. After going through the application process we were fully comfortable and excited to have our son welcomed into and cared for by this school family.

What does your child (children) enjoy most about SJEDS?

Recess, of course! Ethan really does seem to enjoy the friendships he has made and it is a joy to watch him running around with his friends on the playground.

What is/are your favorite thing(s) about SJEDS?

We believe that the thing that makes SJEDS stand out are the teachers and staff. When we walk Ethan into school, we watch as adults greet him with such positivity into his day. His wonderful kindergarten teacher has an amazing gift for getting down to a child’s level, looking them in the eye, and offering a warm hello, and we see that most all of the staff use this same approach in their interactions with students. There is a sense of pride as you watch your child form relationships with their teachers and grow as individuals under their care.

How has your child grown as a result of their experience at SJEDS?

It goes without saying that Ethan has flourished academically. He loves sharing about his day and “quizzing” Mom and Dad with all of his newly acquired knowledge! As a Mom, there is something exciting and very humbling when you’re asked by your 7 year old if you can name all of the state capitals! The most exciting part of Ethan’s journey, however, is watching him grow into his own person. He has developed a sense of confidence and passion for learning which is absolutely attributed to the positive encouragement and interactions he has with his teachers and the support staff at SJEDS.

What would you tell another parent considering enrollment of their child at SJEDS?

I would tell them that we haven’t even considered another setting for our rising kindergarten daughter, Rian! There is no doubt that we have found the perfect school fit for our family.