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What do you love about SJEDS?

I love that in our 1st year I feel like we already know so many people and feel like part of the SJEDS community.  Kindergarten can be a tough transition for both parent and child.  SJEDS not only welcomed us, but also put to rest all the cares and concerns any parent would have starting a new school.  This is a community that truly cares about children and learning.

Why did you choose SJEDS?

We chose SJEDS based on the development of the whole child.  They focus on academics, character, social, cultural, spiritual and athletics.  We looked at a lot of schools but most lacked one or more of these qualities.  I feel confident when our children pass through the doors of SJEDS for the final time they will have received the most balanced quality educational experience available in the Jacksonville area.

How have your children grown as a result of their experience at SJEDS?  

Like most parents I have 2 very different children.  From our perspective it appeared the staff carefully selected each teacher to suit the temperament, learning style, and personality of each child.  As a result we saw advancements not only in academics but also in confidence levels.  SJEDS provides such a safe, nuturing environment kids want to grow.

What would you tell another parent to encourage them to choose SJEDS for their child?

We put a lot of research, thought, and more than a few sleepless nights trying to make the right decision for our children.  We found SJEDS provides a well balanced curriculum that focuses on developing each part of a child by surrounding them with a community of outstanding staff and parents.

No school is perfect and no child is perfect but SJEDS excels in creating an atmosphere as close to perfect for learning and developing children.  SJEDS offers a curriculum, environment, and community that allow children to thrive and grow.

-Mike and Kristen Veniard

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