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Global Studies

Academics - Global studiesOur global studies program is grounded in the belief that children can be global citizens at a young age. The objective is to introduce our students to a new country each year, graduating with a working knowledge of six “global” countries after the sixth grade.

Students in each grade immerse themselves in their country of focus, learning culture, cuisine, history and geography throughout the year.  Kindergarteners study multiple countries, and enjoy stomping grapes during their unit on Italy, and while studying Japan, lower their tables and sit on cushions for the week, just like the Japanese. In fourth grade, students celebrate China Day with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and outdoor market.

These units are integrated into each grade level curriculum and were created through grant-funded teacher travel in previous years. Teachers communicated with students through blogs, which still serve as a resource for instruction.

Jose the Bear, our adorable mascot, plays a large part in our global studies program as he travels the world. Jose has traveled to all of our countries of focus with faculty members, and each trip was documented through blog entries and travel journals. Our Tech Connect lab is home to several bears dressed in a variety of ethnic attire. 

You can follow along on The Amazing Adventures of Jose the Bear at https://josethebearadventures.blogspot.com/.

Students are encouraged to take Jose on their own travels and report on their adventures! Jose loves to travel near and far, meet new people, taste new food, and learn all about the beautiful world where we live. Would your family like to take Jose on your next vacation? Contact lmenger@sjeds.org to get a travel Jose bear and blogging instructions. We want you to share your travel adventures with Jose and with our school.