Student safety is paramount at San Jose Episcopal. Our faculty and staff members wear name badges for identification and all guests must check in with the school office to acquire a visitor badge. Our office is equipped with a camera and remote release “buzz-in” system.  Our hallways and classrooms are secured by wrought iron gates that require a code for entry. Procedures and protocols are in place and drills are practiced regularly to familiarize our students with how to respond in case of emergency. Periodically we self-assess and bring in experts from the community to walk the campus and identify areas for improvement in safety.

Online Safety

As part of a school environment that uses technology integration as part of our curriculum, our children learn digital citizenship at an early age and how to protect themselves and others online. We teach our students:

  • to protect private information
  • to treat others with respect online just as they would in person
  • the distinction between “friends” in a world driven by social media
  • the ramifications of social media at an age-appropriate level