Kingdom Theatre


Kingdom Theatre is our own unique program that teaches religious education through the dramatic arts.

In the Anglican school tradition, we believe it is important for our children to know the stories of God’s saving work, love and grace. The scriptures are our story book, allowing students to learn our place in the great drama that gives life joy and meaning.

Drama is an exciting way for children to learn scripture while also improving self-confidence, collaboration, imagination, problem-solving and many other beneficial skills. Instead of just memorizing Bible verses, we believe the scriptures are of more value and express more deeply the goodness of God when told in context of a story. Students act out the stories of the Bible and become part of the story themselves.

As an Episcopal school, the cultures and styles that surround the scriptural tradition are also valued. How can you understand St. Paul preaching to the Greeks in Athens, unless you know a bit about the Areopagus? By setting religious education into a framework that includes historical reference, students gain a full understanding of the stories of God’s work.

Year by Year: Hearing and Being the Story

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4: Small people, big stories: how God uses the “least of these” to do his biggest works

Kindgergarten through Grade 2: The great stories: the most familiar and most told dramas of all time

Grade 3: The disciples’ story: the Book of Acts and the story of the new Christian faith (including preparation for Sacraments)

Grades 4-5: The larger story: how other dramas (Shakespeare, etc.) connect with our story and with us

Grade 6: Becoming a storyteller: using drama to discover who God made you to be and sharing the drama with others