Faculty and Staff



Martha Milton

Martha Milton

Interim Head of School
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Amy Blumstein

Director of Afterschool Activities and Athletics
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Audrey Cain

Director of Education
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Teresa Hall, CAEP

Director of Admission and Enrollment Management
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Pat Summa

Director of Accounts

Ellen Betts

Administrative Assistant

Ashlyn Clark

Administrative Assistant

Faculty & Staff


Kathy Badgett

First Grade Assistant
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Kathy Balek

Media & Technology Specialist
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Lauren Barcenas

Fifth Grade Teacher, Language Arts & Social Studies
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Katie Bennett

Drama/Kingdom Theatre Teacher
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Sarah Bennett

Pre-K4 Assistant
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Judy Bryan

Art Teacher
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Casey Crosby

Facilities Assistant
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Harry Crosby

Facilities Lead
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Renee DiFilippo

Second and Third Grade Assistant

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Kathy Dozier

Music Teacher
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Dawn Encarnacion

Pre-K3 Teacher
IMG_5286 (2)

Brandon Foster

Fourth Grade Teacher, Math & Science

Katie Foster

Sixth Grade Teacher, Language Arts & Social Studies
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Amber Hillgert

Fifth Grade Teacher, Math & Science
IMG_5304 (2)

Natalie Inclan

Sixth Grade Teacher, Math & Science
Lee Ann Jamerson website photo

Lee Ann Jamerson

Second Grade Teacher
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Emily Jones

First Grade Teacher
Angela Kaiser

Angela Kaiser

Third Grade Teacher
Amanda Le

Amanda Le

Support Center Coordinator
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Erica Mortimer

Pre-K4 Teacher

Christina Petre

Kindergarten Teacher

Zoe Reavis

Second Grade Teacher
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Taylor Rush

P.E. Teacher
IMG_5632 (2)

Jeannie Schoonover

P.E. Assistant Teacher

Leslie Smith

Floating Assistant Teacher
Mitzi Smith

Mitzi Smith

Pre-K3 Assistant
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Sarah Stanley

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
IMG_5346 (2)

Megan Trumpler

Fourth Grade Teacher, Language Arts & Social Studies
IMG_5275 (2)

Allison Turknett

Third Grade Teacher
IMG_5200 (2)

Rebecca Turner

Kindergarten Teacher
IMG_5375 (2)

Liz Van Brunt

Spanish Teacher
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Allison Weaver

First Grade Teacher

Extended Day

Rebecca Jaeger

Rebecca Jaeger

Extended Day Staff
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Brooke Lawrence

Extended Day Staff
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Marjola Papadhima

Assistant Director of Afterschool Activities

Roberta Papadhima

Extended Day Staff

Church Staff


Steph Britt

Gray, Curate

Gray Hodsdon


Susan Beaudin

Administrative Assistant
Caroline Bennett

Caroline Bennett

Youth Director

Melissa Spediacci

Children’s Ministry