Technology Integration


Technology is integrated throughout daily life at SJEDS. Lower school students learn to use technology at an age-appropriate level through educational applications on portable devices, classroom lessons on SMART Boards and unlimited opportunities in our open computer lab, known as Tech Connect. Upper school students use portable devices as a learning tool in the classroom for research, to write papers and to follow educational blogs and videos. Fifth and sixth grade students may elect to participate in our Bring Your Own Device program, where they use their personal tablet or laptop in the classroom, or use one provided by the school.

In addition to the computer lab, the school owns a large inventory of portable devices such as iPads, ChromeBooks and laptops for use by all. Classrooms feature Smart Boards, document cameras and laptop/computer stations.

During their education at SJEDS, students gain general technological awareness through word processing, use of the Internet for research, keyboarding, multimedia production, electronic presentation, desktop publishing and use of databases and spreadsheets. In addition, our students learn how to create content for technological applications during projects such as first grade bug presentations and tutorial videos for long division in fourth grade.

Our students learn to create:

  • digital illustrations
  • interactive presentations
  • avatars
  • audio and video clips
  • tutorial videos

Online Safety

Our utmost priority is our students’ safety. As part of a Christian environment, our children learn digital citizenship at an early age and how to protect themselves and others online. We teach our students:

  • to protect private information
  • to treat others with respect online just as they would in person
  • the distinction between “friends” in a world driven by social media
  • the ramifications of social media at an age-appropriate level