Fine Arts


As a school that places special emphasis on the fine arts, we believe that every child is filled with a spirit of creativity and has the ability to express themselves visually, musically and dramatically. Our program offerings nurture this spirit. Through problem solving, collaboration and self-expression, we teach our students to discover their own unique talents and gifts because we know that all it takes is one spark to ignite a passion for learning.

We believe that study and participation in the fine arts is a key component of learning throughout all academic areas. There is strong evidence that sequential, skill building instruction in arts and music can greatly improve children’s performance in reading and math. Therefore we are committed to providing this valuable component of an exceptional education.


One of the most beloved traditions at SJEDS is centered around clay. Beginning in first grade, students handcraft an individual piece of the nativity. By the time a student graduates from sixth grade, they have a complete, priceless set.