The Fund for San Jose


Did you know?

The Fund for San Jose is the most important fundraising effort at SJEDS, with 100% of your donation directly impacting each and every student.

Tuition alone does not cover all of the school’s expenses.

Like all other area independent schools, we rely on additional annual funding to provide an exceptional yet affordable education without substantial tuition increases. The Fund for San Jose helps bridge the gap between what tuition covers and what it costs to provide the standard of excellence for which we are known.

The Fund for San Jose ensures our school has all of the necessary resources to provide the exceptional education you expect.

From technology to textbooks, security to salaries, programs to preserving our property (and everything in between), every dollar of your tax-deductible gift is put to its best use.

Your participation, no matter the size of your gift, is key.

In addition to ensuring our school’s solid financial future, high participation is a benchmark used by outside foundations when deciding which of the many worthwhile schools will receive their financial support. Outside funding is key to providing enhancements to our programs, curriculum and offerings such as our global studies initiative, professional development, technology integration and financial aid—all of which are funded by outside grants. Imagine the possibilities if every family would participate!

Our goal is 100% community participation from our Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and parents.

Your gift can be added to your monthly tuition payments or paid on a future date.

Pledge your support with a monthly gift plan or a single-gift paid on a future date through Smart Tuition.

Make it easy, and submit your pledge online.

Every donation makes a difference.

Please consider a gift that is comfortable for your family and know that it is deeply appreciated and spent wisely. Any amount benefits our school tremendously.


With your help, we can continue to provide an exceptional elementary experience designed to bring out the very best in each child through mind, body, and spirit.