Our Program


SJEDS offers an educational program encompassing academics, the arts, athletics and spiritual formation. We offer opportunities to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically and emotionally, allowing students to develop their individual worth and dignity. The challenging environment prepares students for higher education and emphasizes learning as a pathway toward ethical leadership and a commitment to the common good.

We offer a curriculum that incorporates proven methodology for instruction and infuses current trends, allowing our faculty to teach a variety of ways to approach problem solving and critical thinking. Teachers have the flexibility to supplement curriculum as they see fit, tailoring instruction for each child as needed. By providing a strong foundation based on our hybrid curriculum, our students are prepared to succeed at secondary schools that use a variety of programs and curricula.

Our educational programs are thoughtfully planned and implemented with intention to develop a life-long love of learning. As a child grows and develops, classes are structured to promote creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. Beginning in the earliest grades, we work to instill the characteristics that will serve a child well throughout the school years and beyond. By encouraging curiosity and exploration with confidence, we create learners for life.

Small classes with personalized attention prepare our students to continue on to the area’s most prestigious secondary schools and the country’s best universities.