Why Choose SJEDS?


Why Choose Our Private Christian Elementary School?

SJEDS is a nurturing, Christian community that provides strong academic program offerings, differentiation for each student and spiritual nourishment.

We focus on the needs of each individual student, and prepare students not only for the next step in their academic careers, but also for success and satisfaction in all areas of their lives. By being responsive to each student’s needs, SJEDS provides a solid academic foundation.

  • Although we are a small school, there is nothing small about our energy, our program offerings or the opportunities for each student to reach their fullest potential.

    Our graduates receive a 100% acceptance rate to the secondary school of their choice.  Through nearly seventy years of tradition, our exceptional learning environment produces remarkable students, uniquely prepared to meet the standards of the area’s most prestigious secondary schools and country’s best universities.

  • Our highly-qualified faculty members are passionate and caring, and serve as catalysts for our students.

    We are proud of our exceptional faculty! Our teachers provide a warm and loving, yet academically challenging environment in which students thrive. SJEDS encourages teachers to be creative and flexible, ensuring that each student learns at his/her own pace. With more autonomy in the classroom, teachers are able to construct unique learning experiences, and help each student reach their fullest potential by igniting and engaging each student’s desire to learn.

  • Our small class sizes open up avenues through which students can receive individualized instruction and personal guidance in subjects or assignments they may not understand or grasp fully.

    Each child has his/her own way of learning. Through differentiation in the classroom, teachers are able to identify early on each student’s needs and develop an individualized academic plan for success. With the flexibility of our hybrid curriculum, teachers are able to offer different methods to help different learners. And through our Support Center, students receive individual instruction to assist in areas where they need additional support, or challenge them in areas where they excel naturally.

  • We don’t teach to a test; we assess student learning.

    Our students are assessed at the beginning of the year to see where they stand academically and developmentally. Standardized tests are used to drive instruction for each individual student. With this approach, teachers are able to stylize and supplement their curriculum to fit each individual student’s needs.

  • Our educational programs are thoughtfully planned and implemented with intention to develop a life-long love of learning.

    As a child grows and develops, classes are structured to promote creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. Beginning in the earliest grades, we work to instill the characteristics that will serve a child well throughout the school years and beyond. By encouraging curiosity and exploration with confidence, we create learners for life.

  • Our students grow in faith, character and service to others in our family-like community.

    SJEDS guides spiritual formation for our students through weekly chapel services, religious education, character education and service learning and outreach programs. Spiritual development is interwoven throughout our daily curriculum and helps prepare our students for joy and service in God’s wonderful world. We believe this creates a loving, caring and tolerant learning community where each student is valued and respected for his/her own uniqueness.

  • At every level, SJEDS offers an enriching program based on the Episcopal education tradition of inclusion, scholarly exploration and respect for self and others.

    SJEDS provides a nurturing and supportive environment, embraces the differences inherent in a diverse community and embodies the inclusive Episcopal tradition of respect for the beliefs of others. As an active community engaged in service to others, we welcome families of all faiths, and invite each student to take part in their own spiritual formation. The balanced approach between community and academics at SJEDS provides a well-rounded education and boundless opportunities for every student to learn about God, themselves and the world around them.

  • We understand that parents have many choices when selecting a school.

    During the admissions process and beyond, we want to become acquainted with the individuality of each student–who they are and who they want to become. At SJEDS, each individual child is known and nurtured to help discover the passions that will set the course for a rewarding life. We are an active partner with parents empowering them to further participate in their child’s education.