The Keita Family


The Keita Family


Why did you choose SJEDS?

We chose SJEDS for Zayden before we knew it was “Bold City’s Best”, but it did not take us long to realize just how deserving this school is of that title. Transitioning Zayden from his previous preschool, which we loved, to SJEDS where we did not know a single family was a bit nerve-racking. To my surprise on his first day as his mother and I wished him good luck alongside big hugs and kisses with no hesitation Zayden turned to us and said, “Okay, Bye”, ever so confident.

What is/are your favorite things about SJEDS?

Z and our family all appreciate the warm greetings every morning and the beautiful souls that assist us in developing him into a great man. Not only have these things made all of our worries for our star vanish, but they also make it easy to explain to other families why SJEDS is a great choice. As a result of our decision to join the San Jose Episcopal family we see Zayden growing in confidence in many areas of his life and not being fearful to be himself while keeping high regard for his environment and peers

-Nathan Keita

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