The Saleeba Family


The Saleeba Family

Saleeba Family

We toured many schools in Jacksonville, and the one thing that stood out to us at SJEDS was “Community” With having a great community comes so many other great attributes.

While on our tour we met the head of school, Lori Menger. She said something to us that day that we will never forget. “My door is always open” and to this day, it still holds true. She is available to all of the families, and is such a part of the day to day learning at San Jose Episcopal. Having three boys, we were looking for several different things that would fit each one of them. Academics were number one for us. We wanted to be sure that our boys would be prepared for college-prep middle and high school. The individual attention that teachers are able to give to the students was and still is immeasurable.

What did the kids enjoy the most about SJEDS?

Our kids talk about the traditions that happen with each grade level, which are amazing with each and every year. San Jose Episcopal continues to grow and implement new activities as well as keep the time honored traditions. There is certainly something very special about that. They also enjoy all of the after school activities, camps and sports that are offered as well. The sports program really gives off a sense of school spirit, and gives the athletes an introduction to a sport before middle school.

We asked our oldest son, who was a 2016 graduate of SJEDS, what he liked the most about the school he said ” The teachers were always available and really encouraged us.” To this day, he has the confidence to approach a teacher, because it was second nature here at San Jose Episcopal.

Our middle son has grown so much in public speaking. From the insect powerpoint presentation in 1st grade, mothers day poems, to debates in 5th grade, the public speaking will serve him well as he enters middle and high school.

Our youngest is extremely happy in the early explorers! Who wouldn’t be? They have learning lofts in the classrooms, endless hands on learning tools and teachers that really have a passion for these little ones.

San Jose Episcopal has so much to offer, it truly is a special place to be, and we are so proud to be a part of this wonderful community.

Anthony & Julie Saleeba

Anthony 2016 Graduate of SJEDS

Greyson 5th grade

Evan Pre-K 4

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